Our dedication to stewardship, collaboration, and respect.


The Alaska Video Series is a four-part series that explores the importance of preserving the long cultural history and traditional lifestyles of those living in remote communities of the Yukon-Kuskokwim (Y-K) region, where the Donlin Gold project is located. The stories captured in each film are told directly by the local people and illustrate the vibrant and harsh realities of living in some of the most isolated regions of The Last Frontier.

NOVAGOLD believes that a company must earn its social license in any given region by establishing a strong and collaborative working relationship with the community where it operates. Moreover, this social license must be based on a solid foundation and thorough understanding of the language, values and culture of the people in the region.

NOVAGOLD’s projects are located in remote areas inhabited by communities largely dependent on subsistence living and traditional lifestyles. We respect the culture and traditional lifestyles of our community partners, and strive to strengthen the cultural ties in these communities. Our presence can bring benefits to remote regions that are often under-served and economically challenged. Bringing an economic driver to the area will provide jobs, stimulate economic development and improve infrastructure and access. On the other hand, we must be careful to avoid or minimize potential negative impacts such as a disruption to traditional hunting and fishing seasons and the fish and wildlife stocks on which these communities rely.

NOVAGOLD’s donation and sponsorship strategy focuses on education, safety and health programs, with a particular focus on the needs of Alaska Native and First Nations youth. The Company supports initiatives most relevant to community needs, connecting with communities in ways that will help them grow and prosper.

NOVAGOLD strives to create a balanced development plan that enhances economic growth, provides a safe and healthy workplace and preserves traditional lifestyles – all of which can truly co-exist. Bringing tangible, long-lasting benefits to its community partners as its projects advance through development is highly important to NOVAGOLD.