Company History


From ground up

Witnessing the market evolutions and recognizing its potentials, Perfect Hexagon was established in 2014 to serve as a consolidated front for the precious and base metals trading
business. Perfect Hexagon now operates independently and is able to respond to market needs with promised efficiency and swiftness. Perfect Hexagon started with a single office handling
transhipment and merchanting trades in base metals.

Establishing a network of trusted partners

In 2015, Perfect Hexagon began partnering with some of the world’s largest commodity trading houses with which we collaborate to generate volumes of global and physical trade flows. These partnerships, combined with Perfect Hexagon’s strong capital base, create synergies in the value chain that put us at the forefront of the trading market.

Serving clients from around the world

In 2018, Perfect Hexagon is officially on board with the Foreign Associate Membership for Singapore Bullion Market Association. Today, Perfect Hexagon is a recognized leader in commodity trading in Singapore, Thailand, Australia and Malaysia and is proudly serving some of the most well-known and successful international banks, brokers and trading houses. The company has executed transactions exceeding USD$1 billion across 15 jurisdictions in the last two years, with our annual turnover currently at over USD$1.5 billion.