Perfect Hexagon anchors our business on six core principles - Integrity, Credibility, Agility, Competency, Efficiency and Innovation. Reflected in our company logo, each of these six guiding principles stands for each vertex of a hexagon.


Trust and honesty are the cornerstones of all long-lasting business relationships. Perfect Hexagon promises our clients transparency and accountability. At Perfect Hexagon, ethics, integrity and legal compliance are embraced by employees and demonstrated to the clients we serve around the world. As Perfect Hexagon views business ethics a fundamental element to successful business practices, we put integrity above all else and we aspire to build trusting and long-term business relationships with our partners.


Perfect Hexagon is honoured to be on board with the Foreign Associate Membership for Singapore Bullion Market Association. We work to establish ourselves as a trustworthy company that operates according to the regulations of domestic and foreign (where applicable) governing bodies. We believe that credibility is the key to becoming the market leader that inspires various counterparts in this industry.


The commodity trading industry today is highly competitive and dynamic. From volatile markets with fluctuating prices to constant regulatory changes in different jurisdictions, Perfect Hexagon readily adapts to the endless changes, enabling us to cement our position as the industry leader.


Perfect Hexagon’s management team comprises of leaders and specialists in their respective fields ranging from trading houses to financial institutions. With their expertise and rich understanding of the market, Perfect Hexagon has a first-mover advantage against our competitors.


Perfect Hexagon prides itself on its ability to provide efficient and unequivocal solutions to the clients in a short timeframe and at a low cost. Our team ensures that the needs of our clients are satisfied and that we have delivered what we promised.


In the era where change is the only constant, Perfect Hexagon offers innovative solutions suited to the specific needs of the clients. With the wealth of knowledge that our team owns, Perfect Hexagon anticipates and understands our client’s needs and promises to deliver ideas with originality.