Our mission is to readily provide opportune and efficient solutions to our international and domestic customers by bridging the gaps in the value chain within the commodity trading market and to streamline the passage of our commodities from their places of origin to places of need.


Perfect Hexagon leverages on the vast experience of its management team and sound capital structure to be a leading supply chain manager. We trade physical commodities and transform them into customised and consumable products that meet the requirements of our customers through the following services:

  1. Logistics and transportation services
  2. Price risk management
  3. Structured and trade financing solutions

We differentiate ourselves by providing a suite of tailored solutions to individual customers. We seek to establish partnerships with our suppliers, customers and investors seeing the potentials of our assets.

Our most valuable assets are a network of suppliers and customers, and a professional team that works with the goal to provide value-added services. Our vision is to create long-term goals, services and products for our shareholders, partners and customers with sustainable and specialized franchises built upon an established suppliers network and customer relationships.